VP Products, Big Data Analytics

“Great work to get to the key milestone for Release 1. It amazes me to see such great progress in such a small amount of time! We were at the customer site last week and the folks who saw the demo told us that “We were thinking along these lines”. And here we had working software that they were still thinking about!”

- VP Products, Big Data Analytics

Professional, agile software development for Salesforce & .Net

We are a high-performing, agile software development team with product managers, software architects, and a range of developers across full-stack web, front-end, mobile, server, DBMS and cloud. We have a terrific test and automation team as well.

What all this means is that you have found the folks who can help you build your amazing mobile & web applications just as you envision them to be.

  • Dynamic & Responsive Front Ends using ASP, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript.
  • Mobile apps using iOS, Android, Xamarin, Parse.
  • Robust, Scalable Servers using .NET and Java EE.
  • Relational, Unstructured and Distributed Databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Riak).
  • Cloud deployment & management (AWS, GCE, Azure).

Operating out of Chapel Hill, NC, Agile Troops operate on a framework that allows us to be location-neutral. We are on a mission to help bridge the engineering talent gap for your Web, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud software development needs – regardless of where you operate your business.

Our expertise is in system architecture, design & development of modern web and mobile applications. Our solutions are best suited for businesses that are ready to leverage the power of the modern web via:

  • Social and collaborative components
  • Elegant, responsive user interfaces
  • Advanced analytics by means of leveraging data stores
  • Rich, interactive, actionable charts & dashboards
  • All powered by scalable servers that are built to grow along with your business.