VP Products, Big Data Analytics

“Great work to get to the key milestone for Release 1. It amazes me to see such great progress in such a small amount of time! We were at the customer site last week and the folks who saw the demo told us that “We were thinking along these lines”. And here we had working software that they were still thinking about!”

- VP Products, Big Data Analytics
Lead management in a mobile setting.


Key Solution Components:

  • Lead management in a large group while mobile
  • Android SDK
  • Inbuilt QR code scanner
  • Analytics and Charting capabilities in the web app

Technologies: Android SDK, Java, ASP.Net

Summary:  This mobile application was conceptualized, designed and developed to facilitate exhibitors in large shows to manage details of all visitors and their interests. The app has an inbuilt QR Code scanner. Exhibitors can scan the visitor QR Code to present contact details and allows the user to further update the needs and interests of the visitors. A accompanying web application provides management and analytics capabilities.

Client: The Times Group

URL: Confidential