VP, Times Group

“The team provided a unique mobile solution that helped us at the 2013 Mumbai International Motor Show. It provides a digital pathway to effortlessly manage visitors and leads, right from the mobile phone. Great Concept, Great Technology & Great Customer Service! We’re already on our way to explore many more ways of working together.”

- VP, Times Group
What is the ‘modern web’ or ‘Web 3.0’?

What is the ‘modern web’ or ‘Web 3.0’?

Posted on May 1, 2014

Modern web applications, also referred to as ‘Web 3.0‘, bring together two worlds which enable the holy grail of highly responsive, cloud-based applications. These are: Cloud-deployed, no-install, automatic-upgrade applications (which we’ve all come to absolutely LOVE) where the applications run from the cloud (like GMail) and Highly responsive, ‘snappy’ user interfaces of the bygone (‘by-going’?) era […]